Premiere • safeNsound: "Changed My Number"

Chicago duo safeNsound have made the rounds over at TheseDays a few times over the last couple of months. Made up of female producer AmbI Lyrics and male producer/vocalist L.A. VanGogh, the two have been turning heads with their recent remixes and encapsulating production talents. Most recently, they impressed with their electric yet somber song "the1thingiknohow2do" with Via Rosa. Premiering their song "changed my number" for us today, we also have a Q+A below with the talented duo, who speak on the group's formation, as well as plans moving forward. Get familiar. 

How did you two initially cross paths?

We actually met a long time ago in college like four years ago. When we first met, we didn't talk much; we just had mutual friends. We later linked up again through Via Rosa in like 2013 when she brought me (L.A.) through Ambi's crib. We started doing music intermittently. Then, we finally decided to work together as a production duo in September of 2015. And now we're roommates [laughs]. 

Outside of this duo, you two were already established musicians. What can we expect from the both of you together that we wouldn't be able to get out of you separately?

I honestly think we balance each other's sounds out. Ambi is more so chill, dark, slow tempo, wavy kind of grooves. L.A. is more uptempo, bouncy, and bright styles. The fact that we incorporate both styles adds a lot of dynamic to each track's structure and mix. 

Did you really change your number just to get through to someone who blocked your number, and if so, did it work out?

The story is somewhat based on a true event. High key. There was a situation where I knew this person had my number blocked. And I had recently changed my number (just because I felt like it). Then, I realized I could actually reach out to her because I knew she didn't know my new number. I called only to find out she actually unblocked my old number about a week prior. So, it's actually awkwardly funny, but the story itself is not 100% streamlined to what actually happened. 

Any projects to look forward to in the near future?

We have quite a few in the works that cater to different purposes. There has been speculation about a project called on the SAFE side that's a compilation of classic songs that we've decided to remix. But our main focus now is safeNsound presents L.A. VanGogh which features this single "Changed My Number". This project is to showcase L.A. VanGogh's vocal and writing abilities as well as introduce our collaborative production abilities to the world.