Na$im Williams • Numbers

Treated Crew's Na$im Williams, this is a name to remember. Numbers is his new EP, and fans of production or electronic music should flock to it. Numbers is a dance project, but not what you mentally think of when considering that genre. This is dance on a minimal level, although that may not do justice to the life that’s bursting from the project. It’s extremely well thought out; every note carefully placed and covered in musical necessity.

As a house EP it has distinct Chicago soul, with killer samples and traces of footwork. Each track has an efficient quality to it but nothing is lost and the whole thing ricochets back and forth between the speakers. The focus is always there, and even though the songs move across a wide territory everything is connected in Na$im Williams’ vision. The project has a retro vibe at times, like hints of tripped out 80’s music (the first track samples a song who’s name nobody will know but many will recognize). Numbers is mesmerizing, each track moves like an engine and it’s hard to tell where one piece ends and the next begins.

The continued strength of Chicago DJ’s and producers is an awesome thing to see, and Na$im Williams is a part of that. Do the math, Numbers is worth a listen, and a listen, and a listen...