ChurchDontStop (Ft. Qari) • "No Sleep"

Earlier this week, our friend Qari, formerly of Hurt Everybody, released his first solo track with an accompanying video that showed us a different side of the young emcee. "Caterpillar/Butterfly" was very much an introduction to a more introspective Qari, one which I feel was often overlooked during his time with the group. While we enjoy hearing a more personal side to Qari's music, we know from his time with Hurt that he's not shy to get on a turn up record, and that's exactly what he did here alongside producer/emcee ChurchDontStop. 

The duo keeps the energy high and those eyes wide open over production crafted by Mulatto and frequent collaborator Shepard Hues. While the final destination for this single is unknown, all of its creators understand the importance of keeping it moving. We hope the future brings plenty more new music from all parties involved here, but we would especially like to hear more raps from Church, a name more commonly tied to dope production.

While we wait on what's next, stay woke with "No Sleep" and catch Church donning all the new Dope Boy Magic gear in their new look book that drops Saturday.