Jean Deaux • "Father Time"

Jean Deaux is fresh, a talent whose vision and voice have stood out recently in Chicago’s bustling music world. Jean is yet another strong female voice who’s been killing it lately, with a consistent release schedule these past few months, futuristic sounds, and  and increasing amount of live performances. She was recently featured in a New York Times article on seven up and coming female musicians and their influence on fashion too.  For Jean Deaux, it’s been a busy winter on fast forward. 

Her recent “Don’t Kall My Name” featured the ascendant Smino had a very strong signal, and now her “Father Time” re-demonstrates the unique mind behind her music with a track even more hallucinatory that's in perpetual contemplation.  “Father Time” leaves an impression, a track about life’s punctuation(s) and what you do in between. The glowing beat from Tim Suby bounces effortlessly and Jean Deaux paints a dark world around the song's shadowy edges. Her voice moves like smoke and she’s directing as much as singing or rapping. It's far from the usual and exactly what you want in music. 

Slow down, appreciate "Father Time" from Jean Deaux and await Soular System Vol. 2, coming sometime this year.

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