Twin Peaks • "Walk To The One You Love"

Chicago operation Twin Peaks quickly became one of our favorite bands last year in the wake of their 2014 break out project Wild Onion and a follow up Mind Frame from spring 2015Quickly generating buzz across the city and the nation with the release of a couple additional loose singles, some hot features (including Hurt Everybody's "Before The War"), and a touring schedule that most young artists just don't know about. Making a name for themselves with good old fashioned face to face interaction and an indie rock sound that is reminiscent of the genre's hay day, Twin Peaks has taken the lead to revitalize a Chicago rock scene that has recently been eclipsed by hip hop in the years since 2012.

With a true "strike when the iron's hot" mentality, the local quintet releases a new single and simultaneously announces their new album Down In Heaven. Setting the bar high, Twin Peaks has selected their first single wisely by appealing to listener's softer side on "Walk To The One You Love".  If the song is any indication of the type of jams we're likely to hear on the new project, we're in for a treat May 13th when Down In Heaven premieres via Grand Jury, a small New York label that also champions Hippo Campus among others.  If "Walk To The One You Love" wasn't enough Twin Peaks for one day, the band also released a short album trailer (right) documenting some band antics during their recording process and some upcoming tour dates that stretch through the beginning of summer.  

You can pre-order the album and purchase tickets for a live show near you right now on