Sterling Hayes • "Fuck It"

To say the least, SaveMoney's Sterling Hayes is a pretty laid back individual. So much so that he's had us waiting for almsot a year now on his debut project, which continued to get a teasing in the form of his latest single, "Fuck It" which seems to underline his laissaz-faire attitude toward life and general release schedules so far.

Everything else aside though, it feels like we may finally be creeping into Sterling season. Continuing to build off a string of talented singles that have arrived since the latter part of last summer, "Fuck It" alongside frequent collaborator Spanish Diego is a down-tempo, bar-heavy tease that continues to build on the storyline this side of SaveMoney has been building for himself since beginning his step out in 2015. Here, we get a sort of southern-influenced flow that he makes his own throughout while discussing the finer moments where it all goes down and keeps moving. 

Sterling's been pointed to as next up by the rest of his hometown team, don't miss out on the most recent chapter.