Logan Cage • "2/1/16"

Directed by J.Krown

The evolution of Logan has easily been one of the more fun journies to observe over the last couple of years. Having first popped out as a sort of unsure teenager leaning on his innate ability to rhyme words creatively, dude has really grown into an entity unto himself. Yesterday he teamed up with his go-to cameraman in J.Krown to drop off a sort of February celebration in the brief, yet impactful visual, "2/1/16". 

The thing about Logan is he possesses a crazy amount of ethos for someone in his position. At a time when Slim Jesus is front and center and anyone with a laptop and SOundcloud accoutn can be a rapper, Logan is creating an aesthetic for himself that is all his own. His recent brush with death last year seemed to prompt his art to come from a new place and dude has been popping out around town more frequently, seemingly comfortable in his own skin. 

On this one, dude offers up the sort of confidence that comes with knowing yourself and what could come next as he asserts: "Promise you most of these f**in rappers are really my sons, most of these rappers really my sons" later continuing "everything's just flowing lately." These visuals have arrived almost as sort of journal entries, making the idea of this epic journey for Logan even more palpable. If this is the latest entry, it's one that comes underlined with a sort of confidence that has been building this whole time: "I ain't focused on local talent, tomorrow be my focal point."

We're down for the flow, can't wait for the next one and to see what Logan's got planned for 2016. If this track is any indication, it sounds like Today & Tomorrow is "coming soon". I guess we'll find out.

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