Premiere • Decent Militia: MiLiTiA MUZiK Vol. 1

This premier right here. Good riddance to the last 365 days, it’s 2017 and we’re embarking on a very Decent year, bringing it in with a debut mixtape from Decent Militia. Chicago’s most manic crew rips ear drums with sounds as raw as they come, and if you’ve been wanting to familiarize yourself with the Decent Gang there’s never been a better opportunity. Decent Militia was the group nobody saw coming, don't ask questions, just listen and enjoy. The Chicago bred, No Limit loving, surreal soldiers who are making some of the hypest hits in the midwest can’t be stopped, and These Days is mega-happy to help spread the word.

MiLiTiA MUZiK Vol. 1 demonstrates what DM is all about, a Megazord utilizing every member of the team - BigBodyFiji, Stunnaman Stacks, Jose Franco, Vela Seff, Yung Byrds and then some, plus producers include Seer, BigBodyBreazy, Mamos and more. A roster of creative Chicagoans creating a movement in front of our very eyes, blending head-in-the-clouds verses, addictive hooks, and mind bending beats for what really is the total package. The emcees spit with with heart and humor, and the production whips up a mix of Chicago streets, southern heat and  psychedelic, fantasy, fairy tale, video game who-knows-what. MiLiTiA MUZiK Vol. 1  stays weird, and it’s the laboratory of creativity whipping up far-out strangeness that sets Decent Militia apart from the myriad of other collectives on the come-up in Chicago.

The project goes deep, featuring 12 tracks and diverse landscape of sounds to navigate. That may be the secret to their incoming success - there's something for everyone here, with a crew this eclectic there's no reason to expect that to change. You might as well jump on board now, Decent Militia is invading hip-hop regardless. We asked the gang some questions below - read on, and see what makes them tick.

How would you describe Decent Militia to the uninitiated?

"A hire anarchy, a dynasty, a family." - Fiji

Origin story - how did the Militia come to be?

"It's really crazy cause we from all over the city. Mfs just saw we were all on the same shit and decided to make something of it." - Jose Franco

What are some of DM's influences?

Collectively we're influenced by everyone from Three 6, BMF, Rocafella, St. Lunatics, Swisha House

The beats are always left field, what's your approach when it comes to production?

We usually just kick it, smoke dope, and let beats play till we feel like using one of the bitches. 

What in store for 2017? And when can we expect a takeover of the live scene?

"We ain't playin' fair 2k17" - Fiji