Säge the 64th Wonder • Sagewav

Säge the 64th Wonder is yet another underrated Chicago talent, a shogun MC who has an affinity for the old-school, lover of anime and raps that don’t necessarily start with “ay”. His new album is titled Sagewav, a cinematic ride through the mind of Säge, released on Christmas as a gift to hip-hop fans all over Chicago and a sign that if you haven’t familiarized yourself with Säge yet, it’s time that you should. 

Sagewav is a long project filled to the brim with unique tracks letting you into Säge’s point of view. Production wise, Sagewav will remind you of late nights, VHS tapes, maybe a classic video game, and while the album’s pace is fast there is always patience to his music. This is the perfect set up for Säge’s lyrics and flow, as Säge gives us an honest look at lifef as the 64th Wonder. Hip-hop fans looking for music that's different will absolutely find something to enjoy here, as well as anyone missing the days of 90’s hip-hop bars. But don’t think that Säge is stuck on nostalgia; from production to lyricism, Sagewav is a fresh and modern project, and you shouldn’t hesitate to give it a spin asap.