Premiere • Marvelous: 'In Due Time'

Since damn near day one of TheseDays, we've had our collective eye on a new face from the west side with a name that pre-empts his lyrical abilities and today we're proud to debut a long-awaited collection from Marvelous, In Due Time. Pushing the boundaries of an EP, coming in nine tracks deep, the project is one we've been waiting on for some time, since being first introduced to Marvelous at our early meetings and subsequently having him on some of our first radio shows which resulted in some hilarious discussion. The dude is a true character and proves here he can channel that unique personality into a body of work that impresses throughout. We caught up with Marvelous to learn a bit more from the man himself. Check out that Q+A available below and the full project streaming above. 

What's your favorite song off the project?

My Favorite song from the EP is “Real Father”. I feel like it is the dopest, real rap song I have ever made.

How has the last year shaped this collection of songs?

I’m recovering from an ACL injury so that slowed the process. With no work and still trying to pursue a dream, all while taking care of my family. I had a lot on my plate so this EP makes you aware of whatever obstacles that came across my path

What's changed on the latest release?

I think my wordplay got a lot better since the last project. I’m more descriptive resulting in better storytelling. I’m definitely more genuine.

Were there any hurdles you had to overcome getting this one done?

Plenty of hurdles. I tore my ACL. That was the worst pain I ever felt physically, it’s hard with no knee lol. I felt like if I can bounce back from this I’m mentally prepared for anything. 

What can fans expect from Marvelous in the near future?

Expect more work, different music. I have more videos in the works. Just more Marvelous in general.