theWHOevers • "R U DOWN"

My favorite thing about hip-hop is the real opportunity for honesty it gives artists. Without limitations on style or tempo, theWHOevers new EP, “R U Down,” showcases a range of sounds that all maintain the most important element  - soul.  The dynamic Chicago Duo teamed up with producers Switch, 88til, Professor Fox, and Slot-A on the 7-track gift, so lets be sure to give credit where its due. Je$$e & Lloyd Dotdot also sprinkled in a 5-star feature from Show You Suck on the super wavy "4 Finger Ring." Personally, I couldn’t finish this writing without a mention of my three favorite songs "Who R U", "Penny Pinchin’" and "R U Down." Always a sucker for soul & funk, and these three jumped out at me the most when I heard the EP for the first time. The reality is – this whole project is great – so make sure you find some time to check it out!!