Ju • Violent Dreams // The Cage

Directed by Bianca Garcia

Chicago artist Ju is preparing to release his debut project The Cage in the spring of this year. While we've heard plenty of music from the young talent, including an impressive run of singles in the fall of 2015 (which we properly documented in our Single Slideshow column), we have yet to hear any official projects. All of that will change with The Cage.

With an assurance that the only released song that will be on the project is the title track "The Cage", we've only been told what the project will sound like. Back in October, we spoke with Ju and he described the project as "rock-oriented beats with a lot of punk aggression." He added by saying that the sound is "grunge alternative hip-hop."

While we anticipate the release, which we hope will arrive in a couple of months, Ju has let loose two mini trailers for the project. Both clocking in at under a minute, they are teasers that further hype the upcoming release. First, with The Cage Teaser, which ran on Christmas, we see Ju lighting a cigarette on a stove top over some ethereal instrumentation. Second, most recently, we get Violent Dreams, which showcases an unreleased Ju track and a rather haunting visual. 

Enjoy Violent Dreams above and The Cage Teaser below.