Mick Jenkins (Ft. theMIND) • Sip! Split Single

Chicago rapper/lyricist/poet laureate Mick Jenkins had an iconic 2015. Traveling all around the globe on multiple tours, releasing his EP Wave[s], as well as massive features alongside Hurt Everybody, Twista, and Kirk Knight.

Until we hear Potion[s], the collaborative EP between Mick and Hurt Everybody, and until we hear Mick's upcoming full-length, THC (The Healing Component), we get Sip!, a split single of tracks produced by THEMpeople with both featuring theMIND. With "Grenade Theory", Mick's powerful voice is speaking on the violence that surrounds and envelops Chicago. The song provides a great deal of social commentary, as expected from someone as aware as Mick. The song "$3,000 Advice", meanwhile, is more relaxed and weed-friendly. It's still sharp and one might even hashtag #bars, but it's much lighter. theMIND assists so nicely here, singing background vocals and adding his own soulful spin to both tracks. These are nice little additions for our Thursday morning and we hope you feel the same. 

On a complete side note, I know that the XXL Freshman is a silly thing to spend any time/energy discussing, but if Mick Jenkins isn't in the top ten, it should be mayhem in the streets. If he doesn't make it, then the labels of the ten selected paid too much money for their spots. Mick Jenkins has serious possibilities to be the next big thing out of Chicago, to follow in the path that Chance and Vic have already taken, and I don't doubt his capabilities for a second. Enjoy the two tracks above and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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