ZMoney • "I Just Sold A Bird"

The lack of ZMoney records has been rough on Chicago during the west side rapper's time away. The rumors of projects have come and gone, but we've yet to see ZMoney return to the gold drenched hood icon that he was in 2013. In early December of last year, ZMoney made his first appearance back on the scene following being released from prison. "Sane Gang" featuring Polo and Brickfare was also said to be the first single from ZMoney's upcoming Last Letter project.

Looks like we have another new song and video from the forthcoming Last Letter and I'm happy to report that Z's recent run ins with the law haven't harmed his trapper spirit. "I Just Sold A Bird" is the type of bouncy street anthem we've become accustom to hearing from ZMoney. The accompanying video by Will Hoopes and Zae  brings the song to life with some good lighting and several business transactions.