Banksthegenius • Numbers EP

Over the course of the last two weeks, artist Banksthegenius has been releasing tracks linked directly to numbers. Pitched simply as "beats and ideas for your listening pleasure", this ongoing Numbers EP is a playlist meant for meditation, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Not a debut album, not a full-length manifesto, not even something worthy of his SoundCloud spotlight, but instead just a handful of pieces to remind the world that Banksthegenius is working. While he might rap over the production of others (like "40 Below" with Savier), he also takes his instrumental craft seriously. That much is apparent on this EP, especially on tracks like "ruof" and "neves". These pieces are less hip-hop and more ambient, less trap and more classical. Five songs in fourteen minutes. Who knows whether Banks will continue adding to this playlist or if it's complete. Either way, we suggest you give it a listen sooner than later. 

More Instrumentals