Round Up • New Releases Featuring Chief Keef, Rockie Fresh, safeNsound & More

Photo by  Transmental

Photo by Transmental

Each week the These Days staff comes across great music from Chicago artists that we could not provide individual features for. In an effort to keep our readers up to date with more of our recent favorites, the Round Up segment provides quick summaries and additional noteworthy content. Check out our latest picks below and feel free to submit a comment if you feel we missed something. 

Chief Keef • "Where Ya At" Freestyle

As Chief Keef and his managment continue their ongoing  legal dispute with label FilmOn,  content from the Glo Gang camp has unsurprsingly found a way once again to reach the internet. Below, Sosa hits us with a new visual for his "Where Ya At" freestyle, which can be origginally found in Finally Rolling 2 (one of the two ´tapes cited in the FilmOn lawsuit according to Billboard). Just in case you haven´t heard the track yet, there are some great bars here carried by Keef´s marquee wittiness which are fittingly paired  up in the video by throwback clips of the rapper´s carrer.

King Louie • "I Might"

Despite getting shot six times earlier this year, King Louie decided to keep marching forward.  Reaching back to one of my favorite King Louie releases, the drill music veteran issues a Nick Brazinsky and Dada Creative directed set of visuals for "I Might" from Louie's 2013 release "Drilluminati 2". The visual is pretty standard for King Louie, but this time around he chose to perform his single in front of some 3D artwork created by Thor Goodlife. S/O The O'My's for their Easter egg cameo. 

Rockie Fresh • "Down To Roll"

For those keeping score at home, Rockie Fresh has released seven songs in the last month. We've been doing our best to cover all of them, but Fresh is becoming hard to keep up with. Are all of these going to be pieces of his forthcoming album? Are they all loose tracks not meant for something larger? These answers are unclear, but it really doesn't matter because Rockie Fresh is back and all of these tracks are great. This includes his newest "Down to Roll", produced by Zalezy and Sevn Thomas, with additional keys by Brett Ryan. 

safeNsound • "I Wish"

Made up of producer AmbI Lyrics and vocalist/producer LA Vangogh, safeNsound is a new duo built from scratch in the south side of Chicago. Their second track "I Wish" not only further hypes the buzz of the group's formation but also further hypes their upcoming instrumental project, on the SAFE side. First we heard "if you cared" last month, and now we get "I Wish". Shout out to Carl Thomas' "I Wish", of which the a cappella is used. 

Vela Seff • Boof EP

Vela Seff first gained considerable attention after assisting signficantly on Lucki Eck$'s sophomore release, BodyHigh. Since that time (revisit "NAME" right now), Vela Seff has expanded his horizons, releasing beat tapes, collaborative singles, and chopped and screwed DJ sets. Here, we get Boof, an EP with rappers Lil' Citgo, 3T Brax, and Lil Icy. Seff even rhymes on the title single. The whole project comes produced by Vela Seff and hosted by DJ Stain.