Mulatto & Carl • "Eagle Zippo"

Way back when, I was in the process of compiling an instrumental project, one that will unfortunately never see the light of day. The instrumental concept centered around four talented Chicago producers: Smoko Ono, ZenZan, and Hurt Everybody's Mulatto and Carl. While the project got scrapped for reasons that I won't get into, one of the songs meant to be on that project was “Eagle Zippo” by Mulatto and Carl. Thankfully, they dropped it last night. 

The two Hurt Everybody members have plenty of tracks available on SoundCloud but not too many instrumentals (this is their second release together). "Eagle Zippo" is a nice loose track to give the fans, reminding the world of the talents contained within Hurt Everybody. How many other hip-hop trios do you know where all three members can produce? While Supa Bwe isn't on this song, it's a nice Hurt Everybody track to hold us all over until something larger drops, like Potion[s] with Mick Jenkins. In the meantime, be sure to see these guys perform this upcoming weekend alongside Kirk Knight, Allan Kingdom, Alex Wiley, and more. I hear some guests might be stopping by. I've said too much.