Kembe X • "Work Week (Squad Day)"

Directed by Will Hoopes

Kembe X has always been there for the squad and he celebrates as much with his latest visual offering for the young MC's new single "Work Week (Squad Day)". Premiered earlier today on, the visual preludes what appears to be the first mixtape from Kembe since he left for the coast a couple years ago, leaving us hometown fans with just the short release of Soundtrack II Armageddon. 

While early collaborator, Village affiliate, and longtime friend Alex Wiley is looking to drop his fourth project sometime in 2016, Kembe has released little since his breakthrough collection, Self-Rule, which was released in 2012 at age sixteen. Critically acclaimed for both its brash nature and careful wordplay, it shone a light on a talented MC at an early age. Since then, alongside an EP via Scion A/V, he has been rumored to be among the next up in the TDE camp. Enjoying the finer parts of not having a winter while living in Los Angeles, Kembe has been systematically releasing some of the hottest loosie singles this side of Drake. 

"Work Week (Squad Day)" finds Mr. X right back where we last saw him, although his skills, presentation and overall aesthetic seem to grow exponentially each time he checks in. Enjoy squad day with Kembe above.