Grandkids • Champaign Attic // Rebuild, Coward

Late last year, Chicago rock outfit Santah came out of hiding and released Chico, a dazzling album which acted as their first in four years. While Chico is still getting plays around these parts, more music is always welcome, and more music comes in the form of Grandkids. Made up of four artists, including Santah member Vivian McConnell, Grandkids has also been rather dormant. They released their LP Timeshare back in 2013 and now they are back with a more cinematic approach as they prepare to release their sophomore album.

Member Adam Gorcowski crafted a thirteen minute short film called Rebuild, Coward which stars drummer Phil Sudderberg. The one-man film is worth your while and comes with an original soundtrack from Grandkids, who crafted material adapted from their forthcoming album.

To add fuel to the creative fire, rather than simply release thirteen minutes of original material, Grandkids included the composition on a split EP called Champaign Attic. The title makes sense, given that the band began while enrolled at U of I in Champaign-Urbana. Complete with four new tracks, including a cover of Heart's “Barracuda”, the new release is a welcoming drop that occurred on January 1. One that acts as an appetizer before devouring something larger from Grandkids later this year. Grab it on cassette here after you watch the short up above.