safeNsound (Ft. Via Rosa) • "the1thingiknohow2do"

Is this the first artwork that's been on TheseDays to feature a nipple?

Chicago duo safeNsound has been featured a couple of times on our website. They have two past tracks: “if you cared” and “I Wish”. Now, they return with the third piece of the puzzle with new track (and lengthy title) “the1thingiknowhow2do”. Featuring singer Via Rosa (who gets covered heavily around these parts and who is throwing an event at Emporium as I type this while working at the library), the song comes produced by AmbI Lyrics and LA VanGogh. Both producers work together to craft a hip-hop/electronica style that sounds unlike most tunes coming out of Chicago. With that formula connected with Via's voice (which comes heavily layered and filtered), the song sounds like a house remix inside of a questionable club. The last 30 seconds of the song remove any effects and filters and strip the track down to its bare bones, making you question what the hell you just listened to. A wild three minute track, that's what. 

Although safeNsound have released two past tracks, the SoundCloud description proclaims “this is our first original release”. Does that mean it has no samples? I'm not quite sure, but you can expect to hear all three of the featured tracks on their upcoming project on the SAFE side.

You are now safe and sound.”