Sipsake • Sipsake EP

Over the course of the last six months, photographer/artist Transmental has dipped his foot into the musical world, creating the moniker/alter ego Sipsake. 

Releasing five songs alongside production duo Meniskos (made up of Classick Studios' engineer Kawaakari and Spendee), Sipsake managed to craft soft spoken, mumbling, sincere, intimate images into his drowsy, smoke-filled life. Complete with his own photography as the artwork, I found myself listening to tracks like “inner-g” and “f.e.e.l.” throughout last fall. In an article I wrote about Sipsake's first three songs over at MishkaNYC, I described his music as "the kind of music you can't put your finger on. It doesn't sound like L.A. or New York or Chicago or New Orleans. Instead, it sounds like a stoned dreamer in a confessional booth somewhere far in outer space.”

Now, after three months of musical silence, Sipsake returns with the four song self-titled EP.

Entirely produced by Meniskos, the project is surreal, abstract, emotional as hell, and deeply dense. It sounds like rainy skies, like gentle snowfall, like quiet depression interlaced with hip-hop instrumentals. The opening track has Sipsake's voice distorted, while the remainder of the project is sleepily introspective and vibrant. Kolby Woods stops by for “find your shelf” while closing track “why they still hidin from the moonlight” might be the finest Sipsake number so far. But that's hard to tell, as these four songs demand a dozen more listens for proper digestion. You decide for yourself. Stream all twelve minutes above. 

Why you mothafuckas still hidin’ from the moonlight?”
— Sipsake