Jean Deaux • "Open Letter"

In early 2015, I interviewed Jean Deaux for Viper Magazine and she began the interview by mentioning to me that she had recently attempted to commit suicide. A heavy topic indeed, she spoke on the subject with openness and fearlessness, doing the complete opposite of sugar coating the incident. Throughout 2015, I was able to see Jean Deaux grow and evolve as an artist. She performed at art shows and concerts, she directed music videos, and she delivered plenty of strong musical content. Closing out 2015, she released her Outer Body EP, entirely produced by THEMpeople. She followed up those strong three tracks with "Don't Kall My Name" alongside Smino. And now, one year after her (thankfully) unsuccessful attempt to end her life, she gives us "Open Letter", a song where she discusses her traumatic event openly for the first time. With Monte Booker assisting with the backdrop, this song does no wrong.

I've transcribed the letter below which is used as the artwork, just in case it's difficult to read. Enjoy the song above and if you're struggling through the winter, stay strong, find help, and know that it only gets better. 

One year ago today, I made an unsuccessful attempt to end my life. One year later, I thank God for another chance at happiness, and compassion. I lost myself to dark thoughts and pain. On this day, I am stronger and wiser. Recovery is a long road I underestimated. Beauty is of the beholder because you must be present to be held. On this day, I am beautiful because I am here. I am beautiful because I belong. On this day, I would like to thank all of my family and friends who stood by me and provided understanding. To all of my supporters, thank you for your patience as well. A healthier me means better content to share with you all. And for those lost or on the edge, be strong. It only gets better if you allow it to....let's all kick 2016's ass. I love you all. Signed, Jean Deaux.