Supa Bwe • "I'll Hurt Alone"

With the startling split of Chicago hip-hop trio Hurt Everybody still appearing to be an open wound, member Supa Bwe showed no signs of slowing down as he released the song "I'll Hurt Alone" late yesterday. It is his first song since the break-up, his first song of 2016, and his first song since he released the full-length The Dead Occasion on his birthday back on October 4th. 

A great deal has happened since October, complete with sold out concerts and the announcement of a collaborative Hurt Everybody project with Mick Jenkins entitled Potion[s]. While updates and assurances around Potion[s] are uncertain, Supa Bwe seems to be doing his own thing. The new song "I'll Hurt Alone" is written, produced, and performed by Supa Bwe, with no outside guests. The atmospheric track is more sorrowful than aggressive, more solemn than energized. The Hurt is real. This solo piece is the first track on his upcoming EP, Down Comes the Spaceman.