Santah • "All Hour Harps"

Directed by Geon Tillinghast

Chicago band Santah delivered with one of my favorite albums of 2015. The album, Chico, was their first full-length since 2012 and it's one that was well worth the wait. Full of shimmering rock tracks and indie sing-a-longs, the album flows so nicely, sounding like a Chicago house party in the middle of summer. 

Back in November, they released the music video for “Here Are My Shells”, which we properly covered here. Now, they are back for a lyric video of sorts for the song “All Hour Harps”, the second to last song on Chico. The video shows lyrics to the song being sent as text messages while members of the band and their friends throw up the deuces. Or maybe they're peace signs. This is all up for debate, but the black-and-white film full of endless smiles is one to keep you watching. 

Plus, they start the song with, “Oh, sell me the farm, I'm buying a pine condo.” Far out.