Teddy Jackson • "Elevate (B-Side)"

Less than a year ago, if you asked me about Teddy Jackson, I wouldn't be able to tell you much. The Chicago producer, songwriter and emcee has since carved out a significant and positive impression through his work as a collaborator with other locals like A Billion Young and the Higher Learning crew just to name a few, as well as his 15 track debut that was released last may. Most recently, Teddy Jackson alongside Demetruis, AJ Peace and Erica Renee pleaded for a cease fire in Chicago on "Don't Shoot" to kick off Teddy's new weekly series, #DoBetterSundays. 

While it's already Tuesday, Teddy punctually dropped his second track in his new series this past Sunday. Following the prior week's cry for peace, Teddy Jackson takes "Elevate" on solo and focuses the "do better" on himself. With every great artist comes a person who doesn't resist change, but rather embraces it. We're programmed to avoid conflict, struggle, and life altering change, but like Teddy says, we might hate this small climb but we gotta elevate. Shout out Teddy Jackson for the inspirational and motivational words on this cold and blustery Tuesday morning. Look out for more new music each Sunday from this recent addition to Chicago's musical landscape, and also an album called The Blow Up Plan later this year.