SelLis Portal (Ft. Via Rosa) • "John Wayne's Teeth"

This is an awesome name for a song. Playing off of the 1998 film Smoke Signals, Via Rosa decided to harmonize and vibe off of the famous scene which she includes in the SoundCloud description. The scene later resulted in a song, a song which Via decides to cover and rework with her own signature style. The song is yet another quick loosie that Via Rosa has been playfully (see also: relentlessly) releasing consistently (yet sporadically) for the last year or so. No track goes dismissed over at TheseDays, and this track is yet another one that we love. 

With production assistance from the enigmatic "Austin, TX" producer SelLis Portal, the jazzy and groovy number sounds like snow falling, sipping hot cocoa, and using household instruments as objects. The track is piano-driven, with a bass line and a drum kick, giving just enough for Via Rosa to reflect and meditate on the teeth hidden inside of John Wayne's face. Like I said at the beginning of this short article, this is an awesome name for a song. If you need more from Via Rosa, look below. If you need more from the artist known as SelLis Portal, grab the EP here

John Wayne’s teeth ya ho, ya ho.
Are they fake or are they real?
Are they wooden or maybe steel?
John Wayne’s teeth.”
— Via Rosa