Beach Jesus • Splits

Chicago quartet Beach Jesus have been keeping their music rather close to the chest as of late. After releasing their debut full-length last summer, they've dropped two singles ("Wav Rider" and "Aloe BB") as well as a collaborative track with Noah Sims and Hurt Everybody ("Hawaii"). Other than those three songs, however, as well as a handful of shows, we haven't seen much activity from the group made up of two producers and two vocalists. 

That all appears to be changing this winter as they deliver Splits on a cold Sunday afternoon. The SoundCloud playlist acts as a split single for the group, with songs "Bloody Murder" and "Shots Fired" acting as teasers for something bigger around the corner. The songs provide a nice contrast for the quartet and show an eclectic and experimental depth that was less apparent on Two Weeks Vacation. This time around, they have the poppy (see also: stoned) number "Bloody Murder" right next to the manic (see also: drunk) "Shots Fired". Let us know which you prefer in the comment section below and look out for Beach Jesus' upcoming EP, This Time Last Year, arriving next month.