Mixtape • Louder Than A Bomb Mixtape

If you're a fan of the music that has been permeating the city and the country at large, it's likely you've enjoyed a sampling of the talent that has emerged from Chicago's vaunted Louder Than A Bomb poetry competition that has paced creativity on the city's ground floor including voices like NoName Gypsy, Malcolm London and many more. Today, the organization released a project to boot featuring a smattering of local artistry that has been incubated in what has become a calling card for a new school of Chicago hip-hop.

The mixtape is a welcome peek into the current scene bubbling in Chicago with voices that span the gamut of what the city has to offer. Included in the release are tracks from the likes of Defcee, Kweku Collins, Ravyn Lenae, Ric Wilson, Akenya, Jamila Woods, Joseph Chilliams, Odd Couple and many more. For short, it's packed. The latest wave of work emanating from the city has a strong backing from its beginnings in these kinds of spaces that have become a sort of incubator for the talent that comes out with increasing frequency. It's a perfect release to get you in tune for the weekend before hitting the LTAB show tonight at The Metro. Check out the project here below.