Chris $pencer • Who The Fuck Is Chris Spencer?

Well it's finally here. After a long run of singles and videos that have packed the internet with increasing frequency as of late, the duo of Chris Crack and Vic Spencer dropped off their magnum opus with the release of their collaborative project, Who The Fuck Is Chris Spencer?, as the duo Chris $pencer. 

While we haven't had a lot of time to dig deep into this collection just yet, it has been led with plenty of critical acclaim from those outside of the city who have been pushing this pair with reckless abandon. Early singles from the project impressed, which we arranged into a Single Slideshow earlier this week and seemed to adequately prepare listeners for the mix of straight-forward hip-hop and bars that come delivered with relative ease throughout. After a tumultuous year for both which Spencer recapped in part at the end of 2015 via his Twitter, it appears Chris Crack and Vic Spencer are ready to take their show to the world at large and might just be ready to finally take that big step out of Chicago. Decide for yourself at the streaming below and keep an eye out for more here coming soon.