Calez • "Social Media" ('Real Friends' Remix)

Not to beat the phrase over the head, but these days, relationships infused with technology can make for some confusing situations. To say the least. Kanye West spoke as much with his recent hit single "Real Friends". which explored the intricacies of what merits someone you can depend on really mean in the 21st century. Taking a cue from the Chicago legend, hometown act Calez offered up his own take on the project today with the release of his re-working, "Social Media".

The track comes on the heels of Calez's latest release in the Network Trappin EP that got an exclusive stream on TheseDays when it dropped. It's great to see an act I've kept up with for several years finally get his feet planted solidly within the game. A short release that comes just ahead of Calez's Network Trappin' release celebration on February 5th at the Music Garage. For now, though, take some time out of your Saturday to dig through all that the interwebs have done to our relationships.