Roosevelt The Titan (Ft. Anak1n) • "Infinite"

The mega-abridged legend of the ancient Titans is as follows: The Titans were gods and deities preceding (and producing) the ancient Olympians. Instead of being worshiped like their children the Olympians, the Titans inspired awe and fear of their power. These two groups had their own ancient, divine beef; both wanted control of the heavens. In this case, the Olympians won, imprisoning the Titans at the bottom of their own corner of hell called "Tartarus".  Thankfully, Roosevelt the Titan does not reside in Tartarus! You'll find him in Chicago, IL, and if you'd accurately describe Chicago as the rap heavens right now then you know that Roosevelt the Titan is battling for his chunk of it.

Roosevelt possesses one of the best voices in Chicago rap, and his new track "Infinite" demonstrates this loud and clear. Very raspy, the effect is a pitch that's simultaneously high and low, making for a strange, rough but catchy sound you rarely hear. Combine that with his intricate rhymes, an electrifying flow that doubles back and beat switches on a dime, and you have a vocal performer that's way underrated. The featured Anak1n complements it well, a fuzz soaked verse that sees Anak1n trading barbs with Roosevelt effortlessly. After listening there's no doubt that Roosevelt the Titan is definitely more Coeus than Cronus, but this time he might just get the Olympian ending he's been working towards.

You can also find the new down-tempo Roosevelt the Titan "Lies" below, produced by Systm.

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