HXLT • "Sick"

If you're from Chicago, you already know HOLT. If you'r reading this site from elsewhere though (we fuck with you!) then you may need a quick refresher. In a nutshell, dude is the do-everything ambassador of Chicago's community. Seriously. As a rapper, artist, singer, dancer, DJ, curator and everything else that goes along with finding endless inspiration from the world. Since signing to G.O.O.D. Music last year dude has been pumping out some interesting, quality content that has found him exploring new territory after dropping the "Hollywood" from the front end of his stage name and returns today with the release of his video for "Sick".

I told you, HOLT can do just about anything and here we get a decidedly brit-punk feel from the get-go that just serves to add another layer to an artist that already has plenty. The video is relatively low-key and simplistic which helps to lull the viewer into a sort of hypnosis with the looping guitar riffs and low-end vocals that suddenly explode into a real pandemonium, eventually hopping through windowed time portals to end up in other eras. It sounds a lot like advanced Netherfriends with more believable angst. Check it out for yourself above.

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