Mick Jenkins (Ft. BadBadNotGood) • "On The Map" (Cover)

Several months back, Dallas/Fort Worth artist The Sensei Blue released "On the Map", his most popular track to date. The self-produced single has garnered plenty of attention and raked in well over a quarter million plays since its October 2015 release. Playful and perhaps self-aware, the video almost reminds me of something Roy French might concoct. How's that for bringing it back to Chicago? Among fans of the hit song is Chicago's own Mick Jenkins, who linked with Toronto instrumental trio BadBadNotGood to provide a reworking of the popular hit. Just two weeks ago, Mick mentioned how he was out in Toronto with BBNG, so one can only hope this is the first of many tracks that they crafted together. 

With new lyricism and live instrumentation, Mick Jenkins and BBNG might as well call this "On the Map" 2.0. The Sensei Blue's version is entertaining for what it is, but it's only 90 seconds and almost over-the-top at the playfulness. With this new version, Jenkins experiments with harmonies and backing vocals, adding a bit more soul and fun (and two-and-a-half more minutes) to his songs, which are oftentimes aggressive and politically focused.

If you want to explore the original "On the Map" by Texas' The Sensei Blue, enjoy the music video, then compare by pressing play on the Chicago/Toronto jam above. 

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