Goodbye Tomorrow • Virtual DJ Set V. 1.0

Still one of the more unique and enigmatic groups out of Chicago, Goodbye Tomorrow continues to transfix and perplex. After releasing the collective's debut project, A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer, last year, they went on to release three more singles: “2 Many”, “eXplosions”, and “Mesmerizing”. The album and the two former singles were full of aggression and energized passion, but the most recent track, “Mesmerizing”, calms things down for a second and shows the group's softer side, taking the listener into a therapeutic, almost meditative state.

All of these drops were followed by shows in Chicago, LA, and NYC, with the masked artists performing their hits as well alongside unreleased material. While I wasn't at any of their shows, their newest SoundCloud upload, Virtual DJ Set V. 1.0, might be a taste of what they offered their audiences. Full of past material as well as unreleased content, the 92 minute mix blends with hits by Damian Marley, Allan Kingdom, Chance The Rapper, Chief Keef, and more. It's a Chicago-heavy mix with plenty of reggae to keep you on your feet. To state that it's worth your while would be to state the obvious. Speaking of the mix, Goodbye Tomorrow states:

This playlist is about moonlight and sunlight. Alpha and Omega. Everyone tells you to pick a side and that there is a constant struggle between light and dark, but in reality they are in harmony. When you see that, you’ll see that they’re actually the same.”

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