Adot & Silver • "GOON" & "Expected"

Yesterday, Chicago rapper Adot delivered with his third song in the last month. After dropping "Circles 2" and "Back", he followed up with "GOON", an abstract number that pitter patters with lo-fi high hats and is shock full of tongue-twisting lyricism. Linking up with producer Darui, who also produced "Back", this newest track sounds like being put on life support in a hospital. An alarm clock style instrumental, Adot is somehow capable or spitting over it with ease.

To take an even larger step back in time, Adot and fellow rapper Silver crafted an EP in an hour. Released in the fall of last year, Three Sacred Treasures is a six minute EP that was allegedly created in 60 minutes. While it's obvious from the above paragraph that Adot has been putting in work since this quick EP, it's also great to see to Silver doing the same. Last week, he released "Expected". Produced by Danny Jamz, the jazzy track is much more relaxed than Adot's newest up above. Here, Silver melts through the microphone, powerfully pronouncing his words over a lovely soul sample. 

Adot and Silver. Two young Chicago rappers doing it right. Stream one above and the other below.