Thirsty • "Power Thru"

Thirsty first grabbed my attention when he played on the same bill as Skylar Spence and Beach Jesus at Schubas last fall. With Solaris Hilton (aka @its1833) as his DJ, he rapped his ass off and bounced all over the stage, periodically reminding the engaged audience that he did all of the production. 

Yesterday, Thirsty uploaded his first song to SoundCloud in three months. The track is called “Power Thru” and it sounds like a big kid club within the animated confines of Adventure Time. With a heavily auto-tuned (and robotic) vocal filter, Thirsty floats over the bass and hi-hats, reassuring his love that he's going to “power thru for you”. 

As long as you’re having fun, I’m having fun”

Look out for more from Thirsty sooner than later. Until then, browse through his SoundCloud. If you're familiar, the whole page is worth revisiting. If you're unfamiliar, be prepared to walk into a dimly lit club, one that might be found inside of TNGHT's Windy City nightmares.