Single Slideshow • Chris $pencer

Forming like a sort of rap Voltron that comes together for the purpose of filling hip-hop production with adequate bars, the pairing of Chris Crack and Vic Spencer become Chris $pencer. As one, the duo has pumped out a great amount of work over the last year, particularly ramping up their releases over the last couple of months to the point we had to get caught up, hence the 'Single Slideshow' where we now find ourselves. Let's investigate.

Chris $pencer • "Supernatural"

The most recent track to reach the public was "Supernatural" which comes packaged over the top of some Doc Da MindBenda's classic production. This one is a good semblance of what you can expect from these two: straightforward bars that touch on the sort of day-to-day mundanities that make it at once digestable and somewhat endearing. "Supernatural" feels like something put together in '99 and plays to the pair's ability to put out tightly-wound raps with relative ease. While I still don't fully understand the buzz that has emerged here as of late, this one is a welcome rap track in the truest sense.

Chris $pencer • "Play Rough"

Here we get the duo taking on the personas of Beavis and Butthead which is at once a reference that might be lost on most Soundcloud surfers and a somewhat fitting illustration for the kind of raps they pack into this one. One of the early singles off Chris $pencer's upcoming WhoTFIsChrisSpencer project that is due out sometime in the near future. "Play Rough" is a solid peek into what we can expect and it's rap music, what'd you think? Best bar? "You only concerned with getting money? I can take rap from you but you can't take my 9-5 from me." Grown man flex.

Chris $pencer • "Chris $pencer vs. Co-Pilots"

I had to reach back a little further for this one, but here we get Chris $pencer going head to head with Alex P. Keaton & D. Brash, better known as Co-Pilots on yet another single off the upcoming WhoTFisChrisSpencer? project that once again finds the guys taking a stand against the current status quo around their city, rapping: "fuck your city, fuck your mixtape" while also layering in some solid doses of the kind of angular rhymes and solid delivery that is a constant on anything these two get on.