Rhea Carter • "Tell Me What You Want"

Rhea Carter has already made a name for herself in the fashion world, now watch closely as she takes on music. Though her SoundCloud is on the fresher side, the Chicago native, New York resident boasts more than 20,000 instagram followers and runs the incredibly popular http://ahredakar.tumblr.com/ fashion blog. The rainbow-haired renaissance woman deals with darker tones on "Tell Me What You Want", an effective first foray to new listeners for Rhea's soulful and cutting voice.

Rhea's robust singing and rapping are the primary talent on display here, and we would be remiss not to mention the beat. From producer Quill, it's nightmarish, dreamy, and I'm reminded in particular of Monte Booker's droning on Smino's powerful "Oxygen". "Tell Me What You Want" has tones that are both psychedelic and industrial, and when combined with Rhea's performance, you get a Chicago factory vibe of roses and thorns. But even without the backdrop from Quill, Rhea Carter has a natural cadence and pen for lyricism that would carry "Tell Me What You Want" over the most mundane instrumental. Though Rhea quietly hums "I don't even fuck with you cuz you don't really fuck with me", if this track is any indication, she won't have that problem for long as the fans start pouring in. What do we want? More Rhea Carter!

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