NversivE • Simple Attractions EP

NversivE is no stranger to TheseDays, but his solo work has yet to properly highlighted. We've covered his work with fellow producer Dougy (who was in our most recent Instrumental Insight), and NversivE also produced the most recent track by singer Ravyn Lenae.

Most recently, NversivE released a three song instrumental EP entitled Simple Attractions. With artwork and direction by Dougy, this nine minute project hones in on soul samples and alliteration: the tracks are called “Eternal,” “Essentials,” and “Everlasting,”. The middle track, “Essentials”, is the finest of the bunch, slaps a bit harder than the others, and comes with a coffee mug coated in yellow. 

Blast these tracks on repeat as you do your homework, as you clean your bathroom, as you write a letter to your boss telling him why you're quitting you job with plans to reach the moon. 

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