Ohana Bam • "Strummin'"

Another Chicago native finding success out in L.A. is Ohana Bam. The emcee has been making very good music for several years, but for whatever reason, Chicago just didn't help his buzz grow. Since moving to L.A. and teaming up with a new management team, Ohana Bam has been on a rampage. Releasing "Tree Up" just a few months ago, Bam is already right back at it with #TreeUpTuesdays, a weekly series that we're just catching up with. Week one brought us "Pablito", week two was "Euros", and now our ears are blessed with the D. Phelps produced "Strummin". This is D. Phelps second release of the week following yesterday's drop "One Way". Be sure to pay close attention to the rising producer, he's got a lot to offer. On that note, so does Ohana Bam. Check back here weekly as we keep you up to date on #TreeUpTuesdays.