Premiere • ShowYouSuck: "One Man Pizza Party"

Chicago rapper ShowYouSuck has been on a cheese-filled journey for a few years now and the party continues on his latest offering, the single "One Man Pizza Party" produced by Mike Jaxx which we are excited to premiere here today. 

This one arrives on the heels of a pair of drops from ShowYouSuck in the Mishka-aided project, Alf Fan 420 which arrived alongside a live album from one of the more multi-faceted rappers the city has to offer. Here, the party has shrunk from a self-hosted fiesta into a solitary man on the couch, eating slices on his lonesome. It's somewhat of a bleak outlook for our dough-based hero, but delivered with a certain sense of optimism that offers hope moving forward on the endless pie quest. Jaxx and Show have been linking up more often as of late and I can't say I'm mad at it at all as both seem to have picked up right where they left off on earlier One Man Pizza Party releases. We caught up with Show to get some more on this one, check it out below and the track streaming above.

How has the pizza party evolved?

ShowYouSuck • The pizza party has evolved into a series where I can do whatever I want without worrying about storylines or having a cohesive sound. That series of my art is for sure my flagship but it's kind of becoming an outlet for me while I'm in between bigger projects. No matter what I do I'll always come back to One Man Pizza Party. 

Whats coming in 2016?

ShowYouSuck • I have a collaborative project with WalkingShoe and Professor Fox called BUMMER, I also have a project called RELAX BRO finished and I'll be starting on my sequel to DUDE BRO next month. 

What are you personally excited about this year?

ShowYouSuck • I'm stoked to be hitting the road with Oreo Jones and then the hood internet in the spring and I have a few things outside of music happening this year that should be pretty big. I'm also stoked for Batman VS Superman 

Any general advice for Monday?

ShowYouSuck • Be kind to eachother and don't drink the water.