Premiere • Marvelous: "Recipe"

Welcome back to premiere season over here at TheseDays, haha. We're back again with the debut of a new single from a new act that we came across during a recent TheseDays Radio episode in the name of Marvelous, who debuts his new single "Recipe" off the upcoming EP, In Due Time, out soon. 

While not quite on my personal radar initially, Marvelous immediately became a TheseDays favorite based purely off personality and bars, call it an organic relationship. Dude has a crazy story and is completely unafraid to tell the world. On this single, we get a perfect entrance to the MC that serves as his proper introduction to the world at large. We're all very excited for what Marvelous has coming and we even caught up with him to get some added context to the recording. Check that out below, the song out above and keep it locked to TheseDays for all your Chicago news and music.

Why the name Marvelous?

Marvelous • My real name is Marvin Jones. My mom gave me the name Marvelous and it stuck with me. 

 Is this single a part of a project that is on the way?

Marvelous • "Recipe" is a single off my next EP In Due Time. I also have my first ever video dropping soon, "Million Dollar Dreamer", a single from my first projectI Accept Your Apology.

What impact has your neighborhood and surroundings had on your music? 

Marvelous • I grew up not having much. My family has always worked for a living. My neighborhood is a dangerous one also. Tomorrow is really not promised for you where I'm from. My music is me speaking from my eyes. I rap it how I see it. I want to be a voice for my city. I live that struggle, work for everything you got life. I'm still living that life at the moment. I will continue to grind everyday that I'm breathing. 

What/who have been your major influences, inside and outside of music?

Marvelous • My stepdad taught me how to rap. He is one of the most influential people to me. My kids are my biggest influence though. Everything I do is for them, they deserve it all and I plan to give them the life I didn't have.