G Herbo • "L's"

"13 I'm in the books, I'm playing basketball. By 16 I'm cool with crooks and lettin' ratchets off"

It's possible that no quote better summarizes G Herbo's narrative as a Chicago artist. Life is full of dichotomies and people buck categorization; no doubt you can hear both the books and the streets in G Herbo's multi-syllabic rhymes. Thus, the above lyrics from "L's" are some defining words from the young rapper. And though life might not be black and white, we know G Herbo likes his visuals with style so here's the monochrome "L's", following up his recent "Don't Worry" visual with Lil Bibby.

G Herbo sure can pick 'em, as that illuminating track was one of BLIK's best and the same should be said for "L's". Whereas "Don't Worry" was saturated with vivid color, this one arrives washed out in black and white.  No longer in sunny and stormy Miami, G Herbo brought it back to frigid Chicago for "L's". If you've heard the song, it makes sense. Not as escapist as "Don't Worry", "L's" is a straight look at Chicago and the tragic conclusions it holds for so many people. Life brings you good news and bad news, so here's to G Herbo as he continues to proliferate his wisdom through melody, demonstrating the many different sides to life, people and music.

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