Bernie Levv • "Green Stuff"

Bernie Levv does it all, a multi-talented Chicagoan keeping more than busy as a model, student and singer. Her singing has been on the fast-track recently due to a dynamic voice that displays a sonic wisdom beyond her years, as her Golden Hour project last fall irrefutably demonstrated. Levv knows how to lay the jazz into a mellow warp-drive, fast and slow and very smooth. That's "Green Stuff" to a T, a track that is fantastically chilled out but vibrant, never losing its presence. Much of this comes from the excellently light production summoned by ZenZan, producer of this summer's eye-widening "Stay Awake" and whose soulful style perfectly complements Bernie Levv's singing. But Bernie Levv is the star, and the way her voice can creep over the spirited instrumentals is an awesome thing to hear. 

The first we've heard from Levv since her November TheseDays premiere of The Golden Hour, "Green Stuff" appears to be a peek into what we can expect from the multifaceted local talent as we settle into the new year. Check out "Green Stuff" above.