Single Slideshow • Monster Mike

Monster Mike is a name connected to the Chicago hip-hop world more than most. An active member of the “scene” for the entirety of this decade, both within 197 and The Village, Mike has yet to release a full-length project. Other than last year's compilation of B-sides and rarities (entitled Not My Mixtape), his drops have been made up of loose singles in new directions, guest features, freestyles, and music videos. He has plenty of tracks with producer Hippie Dream, and he even has a handful with Kolby Woods under the duo IWDAFY (I Was Drunk as Fuck Yesterday). 

Despite not hearing anything properly packaged from Mike, we remain hopeful. After it all, it is a new year and he has been showing promise. In the last eighteen days, for example, Mike has released three songs: a remix, a freestyle, and an original track. Let's get after it.

Monster Mike – "No Tucking (Remix)"

Kodak Black released the freestyle “No Flockin” last summer. Now, Mike decided to handle the beat himself, providing his own take to the well known track. Bars on bars remain at the forefront over this piano-driven instrumental. The artwork is very minimal, but the lyricism contained within is quite the opposite. 

Monster Mike – "Sleezy" (Prod. Kayo)

“Sleezy” is Monster Mike's first original track in a minute. The single is lo-fi, shrouded in bass, and Mike sounds seconds away from slumber. According to the SoundCloud description, “Sleezy Money and Kayo form an emotrap supergroup known as 'Working Title'.” Hopefully we hear more from both of them soon.

Monster Mike – "Like a Pimp (Freestyle)"

David Banner and Lil' Flip released “Like a Pimp” at the end of 2009. Six years later and Monster Mike decided to revitalize the Southern classic with a freestyle. Featuring adlibs and dialogue from BIGBODYFIJI (if you don't know, then you're sleep), the song was a nice loose track that Mike dropped at the end of last year. It even has a video.