Kweku Collins • "First Two Years"

Independent label Closed Sessions currently has three signed Chicago acts: vocalist/producer Kweku Collins, producer oddCouple, and producer BoatHouse. All three members came together and crafted "First Two Years", an entrancing new number. According to BoatHouse, they created the track in about six hours and dropped it as soon as it was ready. Percussion heavy, synth heavy, it all works here. 

New Kweku is always welcome around these parts, even if I legitimately have no idea what he says on this track. The beat holds my attention and Kweku's unique voice turns into yet another instrument on an already layered and complex composition. It's nice to see all three of these talents working on the same product together. A nice single before we hear something proper from any (or all) of these guys, most likely sooner than later. 

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