Saba • "GPS"

Saba enjoyed a fairly quiet 2015 that still saw him blaze stages across the country and make some very strategic pop outs throughout. With ComfortZone now firmly in the rearview, it appears that the west side native is getting back to brass tax. Last night he debuted his latest effort, "GPS" on Beats 1 Radio which came complete with production from Cam O'bi. 

The chorus of "Where's your head, your soul, your heart?" opens the track before Saba continues to prove why many around the city have been calling him their favorite rapper for a couple summers now. He seems to ease into the track throughout, attacking the final verse with a sort of aggressiveness not often associated with his name that addresses his break from releases. "Last year I just had to lay low, not just pass the torch like hot potato because I'm on it.

We have yet to hear anything in regards to a full-length project, but having debuted his last two pieces on The Late Night Show and Beats 1 Radio respectively, it appears the platform for this one will be much more broad than before. For now, enjoy "GPS".