Mathien • "Twice"

Although singer/songwriter Mathien resides in Knoxville, Tennesse, he's still an Illinois native, and over at TheseDays, we treat him as such.

The talented solo artist goes back in time with his new single "Twice". Sounding like going to a drive-in movie theater before attending the local sock-hop, this song would fit nicely within the confines of the film Pleasantville. Organ and guitar game are both very strong on Mathien's newest effort, where he confesses about breaking hearts, getting his car stolen, and much more. Deeply personal and groovily passionate, this is a nice change of pace for the heavy flood of Chicago hip-hop that makes its way onto our site.

Step away from the rap game for a minute and enjoy Mathien's track "Twice", a song that will surely warm you up a bit on this cold Chicago Thursday. 

Twice, twice I pulled you and the second was last / kept your picture in my car on the dash / but when I came back / my car had been jacked so now I’m back on my ass.”

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