Lil Bibby • "Can't Trust A Soul"

Directed by Matt Arnold

The Free Crack enterprise has taken Lil Bibby from life as that kid with the shockingly deep voice from Chicago's east side to a leading name in the hip hop community. Bibby dropped Free Crack 3 last November with features from Common, R Kelly, and Future just to name a few. After giving away music since he started, Bibby is preparing for his first retail release alongside Kemosabe Records, FC3: The Epilogue. The pre-order is available on iTunes now, but the official release date is February 5th. Before diving into the new album, Lil Bibby offered up "Can't Trust A Soul" first as a single, then followed up with the video just days later. "Can't Trust A Soul" isn't listed on the partial tracklist available for FC3, but like the song says, trust none.