Femdot • "Body Bags"

Directed by Cole Bennett

I've talked about the importance of listening to young Femdot time and time again. A dangerous blend of talent and intelligence, Femdot's success is inevitable. Returning with a visual for November's "Body Bags", Femdot and director Cole Bennett keep the backdrops simple, but there is no lack of performance on Femdot's part. Rattling off punchline after punchline, Femdot brings each bar to life with his animated delivery. It's been over a year since Femdot's King Dilla EP came out, but we're told to expect Femdelacreme 2 early this year. There's no telling what the future holds for Femdot, but his technical rapping skills are already way ahead of many others on the rise, and at only 20 Femi has plenty of time for fans to start paying attention.